Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg

founded in 2004

In 2004 the Academy has been founded on the initiative of the city of Hamburg in order to stimulate interdisciplinary research in Northern Germany, to network universities and research institutions and to foster the dialogue between science and the public. The Hamburg Academy is the youngest of the federal state academies, which are affiliated in the Union.

  • Selected projects of the academy

    Dictionary German Sign Language

    AdWHH/DGS-Korpus AdWHH/DGS-Korpus
    Homepage of the project
  • Selected projects of the academy

    Beta maṣāḥǝft: Manuscripts of Ethiopia and Eritrea

    Evangeliar aus dem 14. oder frühen 15. Jhd., 'Ura Qirqos, Äthiopien; Foto: Ethio-SPaRe
    Homepage of the project
  • Selected projects of the academy

    Indigenous Northern Eurasian Languages

    0 Wagner-Nagy
    Homepage of the project

Members of the Academy in Hamburg are outstanding scientists; most of them coming from in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western-Pomerania. The Hamburg Academy is not divided in classes; the members of the Academy are working in interdisciplinary working groups on the Academies’ projects at the solution of scientific basic problems and future questions, being of eminent importance for society. The objects of investigation of the projects range from peace studies and conflict research, infection studies, climate change, cosmology, nanotechnology, neuroscience, stock of knowledge and history of science over questions of resource-management and energy-studies up to rational decisions made by the means of insecure principals. Every two years the Academy is awarding the Hamburg Science Award, the one of which is financed by the Foundation for Science, Development and Culture Helmut und Hannelore Greve and which is endowed with 100.000 Euros. The Hamburg Academy is also promoting the scientific young talents, e.g. with the programm Forum Young Science, which is providing funds for conference projects. Furthermore to foster the dialogue between science and the public, the Academy is organizing lecture-series, panel discussions and the trans disciplinary pupils laboratory.

Foto Header: ADWHH/Schneehage/Berchtold


Prof. Dr Edwin Kreuzer
Mechanical Engineer

Prof. Dr Anna Margaretha Horatschek

Member of the Board
Prof. Dr Andreas K. Engel
Neurophysiologist/Cognitive neuroscience

Member of the Board
Prof. Dr Silke Göttsch-Elten
European ethnologist/folklore


Executive Secretary: Claudia Raap

Research Manager: Dr Elke Senne

Publications Manager: Dr. Florian Henri Besthorn

Press and Public Relations: Catherine Andresen

Secretary and Event Management: Veronika Schopka

Accounting: Silke Hellerich

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