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The new research information system of the Union of Academies, AGATE - A European Science Academies Gateway for the Humanities and Social Sciences, bundles both the wealth of knowledge in the humanities research conducted at the Academies and their methods and research tools for the first time in in a single fully searchable and curated online portal.

The AGATE-Portal contains both current and already completed projects which have been funded by the Academies Programme between 1979 and today, as well as independently funded projects. It also contains projects from our Swiss partners in both German and English. A cooperation with Austria is in planning. The Academies Programme, funded on both state and federal level, is the largest research programme for the humanities and social sciences in Germany, and is coordinated by the Union of Academies. The long-term goal is to build AGATE into a pan-European digital platform that will raise the visibility of the European academies’ research in the social sciences and humanities. Further goals for the platform include promoting international cooperation and improving the locatability of academy research that takes place predominantly in niche subject areas.

The foundation for the portal was made available through the findings of two projects that took place between 2013 and 2017 with funding from the Ministry for Education and Research and that were conducted by the Union of Academies. These findings included a survey and analysis of research in the social sciences and humanities in the European academies of sciences, and subsequently a concept for the development of a European Academies Portal.

The AGATE-Information System was realised within the framework of a cooperation between the Union of Academies and the Academy of Science and Literature | Mainz. CRIS (Current Research Information System) was conceived by the Digital Academy (a branch of the Mainz Academy) and provides the basis for the AGATE-Portal. It has been modelled according to the European standards of euroCRIS and implemented with a special focus on the interoperability of the research information and data contained in AGATE.


Sebastian Zwies
Head of Coordination
Academies Programme


06131 / 218 528 17