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The Edition of Emperor Frederick II’s Charters

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The task of the project is to collect and edit the documents (diplomas and mandates) of Emperor Friedrich II († 1250) according to the guidelines of the “Monumenta Germania Historica”. It is the most comprehensive edition of the Diploma series with about 2,600 documents (original and copied pieces, without deperdita).

The Edition of Emperor Frederick II’s Charters

The Edition of Emperor Frederick II’s Charters

Host Academy
Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Location and federal state
Munich, Bavaria

Editions: Medieval and (Early) Modern History

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The project has the double dimension of the edition of the documents of Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa, completed in Vienna in 1990. The materials are scattered over a region between Malta and Stockholm or London and Moscow. The project makes a contribution to the history of law and constitution, in particular Germany (in the sense of the old empire), Italy and southern France, to the general history as well as to the history of the structure of law firms and authorities in the first half of the 13th century.

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