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Edition der Briefe Robert und Clara Schumanns mit Freunden und Künstlerkollegen ("Künstlerbriefwechsel")

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Robert and Clara Schumann: The great pair of musicians of German romanticism has left a lasting impression on the cultural history of the 19th century. The contacts to almost all the important musicians of the time, but also to poets and painters, to publishers, to friends, and family members are reflected in an extensive correspondence, about which Robert Schumann kept meticulous books. As a historical-critical edition, the Schumann Letter Edition of the Saxon Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Leipzig systematically opens up the entire stock of this correspondence: from love letters to business notes, from news from European musical life to reports on the children's development path, from letters with articles for the New Journal of Music to details of contract negotiations with an almost unimaginable number of publishers throughout Europe. The “artist’s letter exchange” is the third, most extensive part of correspondence after the family mail and the publisher’s letter exchange. The aim of the project is to edit the approximately 12,000 letters that Robert and Clara Schumann wrote and received from friends and fellow artists between 1828 and 1896. These include exchanges of letters with composers such as Richard Wagner, Franz Liszt, Johannes Brahms, Niels W. Gade, and Edvard Grieg, in which, in addition to the personal, questions of composition, music history, and aesthetics are repeatedly addressed. This also includes correspondence with musicians such as violinist Joseph Joachim, conductor Hermann Levi or singer Pauline Viardot-Garcia, who provide an insight into the musical life of the time as well as the social conditions of musical existence at that time. Finally, among them are also letters of visual artists and writers, with doctors, with teachers and scholars whose contents appear to be a general cultural historical mirror of the time. The edition is planned to be published in 29 volumes.

Edition der Briefe Robert und Clara Schumanns mit Freunden und Künstlerkollegen ("Künstlerbriefwechsel")

Host Academy
Saxon Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Leipzig

Location and federal state
Dresden, Saxony

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