International Relations

The Union and its member academies as key international partners   

The Union of the German Academies of Sciences and Humanities provides the German science academies with important services, representing them within the international scientific community in numerous international academy networks and research organisations.
Within these bodies, the Union and its member academies develop solutions to urgent problems affecting mankind on a global scale. Together with other academy networks, the German Union develops independent recommendations for matters of politics and society. In addition, the Union is committed to freedom of science and research, and supports scientists and researchers subjected to political persecution and incarceration.

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The umbrella of the Union of the German Academies

The umbrella of the Union of the German Academies of Sciences and Humanities unites more than 1,900 researchers of the highest standard who are outstanding representatives of their disciplines both nationally and internationally. These researchers have excellent connections to the international scientific community by virtue of numerous cross-border research projects and rich experience of exchange partnerships. The German science academies are entrenched in a centuries old tradition of international relations, having formed and maintained a wealth of national and international contacts that have transgressed national and disciplinary borders from their very beginnings. The Union of German Academies thus makes a valuable international contribution to scientific and public discourse.

The following overview details the international bodies of academies and research organisations in which the Union is represented:

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