InterAcademy Panel for Research

The InterAcademy Panel for Research (former IAC) was founded during the General Assembly of the IAP in Tokyo in May 2000. Its aim is to equip international organisations like the United Nations and the World Bank with the scientists and engineers best placed to provide them with expert advice and information of the highest scientific quality.

The activities of the IAP for Research are dedicated to the global issues shaping the future of mankind, for example climate change, genetic engineering and achieving sustainability. The IAP for Research works in close cooperation with the InterAcademy Panel for Science, the InterAcademy Panel for Health, CAETS and ICSU. The work of the IAP for Research is distinguished by the high scientific quality of its reports and position statements. It also draws on the competence and experience of academies from around the world in order to ensure that its recommendations for policymakers and society are not only relevant, but also transcend regional and national interests.

The IAP for Research is situated at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in Amsterdam (KNAW) and is financed by the KNAW and the member academies of the IAP for Research, as well as by national governments, private charities and international organisations.

German Scientific Representative to the InterAcademy Panel for Research:
Prof. Dr Jörg Hacker (Microbiology)
President of the German National Academy of Sciences – Leopoldina 

Representative of the Union of German Academies to the InterAcademy Panel for Research:
Prof. Dr. Thomas Holstein
Universität Heidelberg, Molekulare Evolution und Genomik
Präsident der Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften


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