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Prize Papers. Cataloguing – Digitisation – Presentation

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The project’s object is the systematic cataloguing, digitisation and online presentation of the Prize Papers Collection and its extraordinary materiality. This record of historic worlds in the context of early modern global interlacing, in its unmatched richness and connectedness, is to be worked on in its manifold dimensions by an interdisciplinary and multilingual team of junior researchers and to be recorded in a freely accessible online database, which will render the collection analyzable for international research questions.


Prize Papers. Cataloguing – Digitisation – Presentation

Host Academy
Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Lower Saxony

Location and federal state
Oldenburg, Lower Saxony

Editions: Medieval and (Early) Modern History

Project number

The project is especially interested in the objects and artefacts preserved in the collection, as well as the physical properties of the surviving textual material, including the contexts of the documents’ and objects’ origins and the practices involved in their creation. To fully comprehend this materiality, innovative digitisation processes will be exemplarily applied. This exemplary digitisation will be preceded by the documentation, recording and typifying of the physical characteristics of objects and documents, which will permit the selection of representative examples for imaging. The development of audiovisual and three-dimensional presentation formats will render the collection’s material qualities comprehensible and accessible for analysis via the medium of the internet.

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