Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities

founded in 1759

The Bavarian Academy of Sciences, founded in 1759, is one of the oldest and – according to the number of the members of staff, the research programme and the budget – the largest of the eight German Länder-Academies. Since more than 250 years it is committed to its tasks as traditional learned society, non-university research institution and as a hoard of a vivid scientific discourse. 

  • Selected projects of the academy

    Thesaurus linguae Latinae

    Thesaurus linguae Latinae, Regal Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften/S. Obermeier
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  • Selected projects of the academy

    Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum

    Glockenkrater mit Darstellung einer Töpferwerkstatt, 5. Jahrhundert v. Chr. Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
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  • Selected projects of the academy

    Letters written by and addressed to learned physicians in the Early modern period

    Abbildung: Bernaert van Orley (um 1488-1541): Dr. med. Joris van Zelle, 1519 Musées royaux des beaux arts, Brüssel
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  • Selected projects of the academy

    Historical-critical edition of Strauss’s complete works

    Portrait Richard Strauss Universitätsbibliothek Frankfurt am Main
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As a research institution of international rank the Academy is conducting basic research in the humanities and the natural sciences – often in co-operation with universities and research institutions. The focal point of the Academy lies on doing research in long-term projects, which are forming the basis for further investigations and are saving our cultural heritage, e.g. by the elaboration of critical editions, of scientific dictionaries and of exactly conducted measurement-series. Furthermore, the Academy is operating the Walther-Meißner-Institute für Cryogenic Research, the Bavarian Research Institute for Digital Transformationand the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre, which is one of the three national maximum-capacity-datacentres in Germany.

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Executive Committee

Prof. Dr Thomas O. Höllmann


Section's speaker:
Prof. Dr Hendrik Birus (Literary Scholar), Section I
Prof. Dr. Andrea Abele-Brehm (Social psychologist), Section II
Prof. Dr Arndt Bode (Computer Scientist), Section III
Prof. Dr Susanne S. Renner (Biologist), Section IV


Executive Secretary: Bianca Marzocca

Media: Dr Ellen Latzin

Conception and Organisation of Events: Simone Sokolis

Scientific Consultant: Dr. Johannes Bernwieser

Staff: Heike Bein

Office: Alrun Arabi | Irene Häberle

Library and Exchange of Documents: Sabine Mühlig

Archive: Dr. Johann Pörnbacher

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